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Neo/Neo//Now///Teal -  Poster, card, Canvas art

Boom! 2010 ends with a heavy thud of of a 7.1 Earthquake centered on my home 4th Sept, with 5000+ aftershocks still ringing in my ears I create this art work (and skateboard/ t-shirt design soon to be released) as a welcome to this new year of 2011, a cocky wee young year, ready to try and show up the previous years with its fresh new ideas and ethics, even if it is wearing 80’s clothes and sporting 80’s era hairstyles ;D


For ‘those days’ – Inspired by a quote Twitter – Buy/View it now… default on Red

"Creating Space" - New Art Alert

"Creating Space" thumbnail preview 1"Creating Space" thumbnail preview 2

Creating Space – Art work
Available as Print, canvas, card etc – click on main image to view details / purchase

[ vector – photoshop ]

"Oblique Technique" - t-shirt - infectious, redbubble, new shirt

New Shirt – Oblique Technique – click on image to check it out as a t-shirt / artwork / sticker etc
Vote for it on – so it can be made into everything under that sun!

ZOMG stickers!

ZOMG stickers! All my artwork on can now be a sticker...

Skate Board - Old School Machinichromatic

machinichromatic shoeView my collection of Decks and Foot Holders now!…or y’know whenever… cough


TwenyWhen?!  - Democrazy shirt 2010


close up 1


Click on Image for poster / card / canvas / print artwork version

Click on Image for poster / card / canvas / print artwork version

!Shirt of The Moment!


Twitter Updates

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