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Here is a little fix I found on the net prowling numerous forums to try and fix a bug I had with Photoshop and it’s awesome Open GL awesomeness
This applies to CS4 and CS5 only…  and probably only PC/Windows(?)


• You start up Photoshop (cs4 – cs5) and your file / work area is grayed out (even if the layers show there is something there)
• If you turn off the Open GL features in Photoshops preferences it starts to work (usually after closing and opening Photoshop)
• You own a Asus Graphics Card

Possible Solution:

• Remove Asus Gamer OSD (I totally uninstalled mine as I never used it  – This program usually loads on start-up with Asus Smart Doctor, maybe you can just remove it from start-up / services if you really want to use it

And that should fix it!  Now go, go and roll around in all that Open GL goodness…
9800 GTX+DK + CS5 Photoshop + Open GL + Asus Gamer OSD = Gray Sucky Suck Arse Problem


Hello boys and girls, today we are going to rap / rant about Photoshop Droplets…

What are they? … what aren’t they?! Imagine a photoshop action that;
instead of loading up the files in photoshop and then clicking on the action…
You set up the droplet (and have it maybe on your desktop or in a folder) and you just drag and drop files onto it and then it opens photoshop and does it all for you…  very cool…

The Droplet function has got some pretty complex commands you can play with from saving files names, to doing your personal taxes… I won’t go into too much detail as that would take all day (and i have a day job….still)

How to set up a Droplet:
Make up a action (for instance: adjusting light levels, resizing and making a sad looking photo frame on a bunch of woefully lame family photos)

Go peruse  File\Automate\Create Droplet 

This will bring up a dialog box where you can select your action to execute when you drop stuff onto your droplet…

You can suppress all the opening questions etc too which can be handy…

Play around with all the features… just make sure you don’t save over your original files or photos… 

Now go and drag entire folders of yawn fodder onto the droplet icon and enjoy super automatic lazy action!

– Note: this is a handy thing to set up for family members who are technophobic etc but want to set up stuff for there Facebook (etc) page… It’s easier to tell them to drop files onto a icon than tell them to open Photoshop and then do ‘this’ and then ‘that’ and then “re-save” it  etc blah blah…


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