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ZOMG stickers!

ZOMG stickers! All my artwork on can now be a sticker...



TwenyWhen?!  - Democrazy shirt 2010


close up 1


Click on Image for poster / card / canvas / print artwork version

Click on Image for poster / card / canvas / print artwork version








Tutorial 2 Illustrator - Revolve Tool



Introducing a new form of education tool. This will be a series of helpful tips for software / design etc that I’ll continue until I get the correct legal documents or bribe needed to stop  it…
I am starting off with an easy one…

Pen Tool [p] and Fignütts : no#1 : DYI Illustrator Patterns Rated R (for Really mature designers over the age of 18 will hate this) 

panel 1 - Illustrator tutorial 1-1 oh yeah! panel 1 - Illustrator tutorial 1-2

panel 1 - Illustrator tutorial 1-3

panel 4 - Illustrator tutorial 1-4

panel 5 - Illustrator tutorial 1-5

panel 6 - Illustrator tutorial 1-6

panel 7 - Illustrator tutorial 1-7panel 8 - Illustrator tutorial 1-8panel 9  Wish I could be in The Doors to sing "This is the end..."



Piggy Bankzilla

Piggy Bankzilla - T-Shirt (lite) Click Me To View Shirt



Free Stock Image NO#3

Abstract | Spark | Light Effect

Free to use and abuse, just don’t peddle it off as your own  

Click for image for your free stock image:

!Shirt of The Moment!


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