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Creative Projects, saving Graphic Designers bacon since a while back:

Building a portfolio, having evidence of mad skills, standing out, can and is a hard thing to accomplish. Especially if you are cramming that baby full of your regular 9-5 work. Going to a job interview equipped with your terribly exciting 10cm x 4 column newspaper advert for “Mens Clinic Discount Bonanza” ?  Trying to woo a company with that lovely branding you did for that colour-blind accountant who wanted his pet dog incorporated into the logo? Yeah it can be hard proving you have creativity as well as showing work that reflects your style and areas of interest…

Thats where I find personal projects come to the party, be it:

  • Learning a new program through making a project – A great way to learn programs like flash is  to jump into the deep end and make a little game, movie whatever (Use tuts off the interweb to help…) 
  • Entering a competition – shoes – t-shirts can be a really good selling point in a portfolio (you don’t have to win, they just look sweet and legit on them contest templates)
  • Making a sweet poster or art piece etc (go nuts creatively, get out all that junked up imagination)
  • Keep all your doodles / tattoo designs / shopping lists / Haiku / Just not those angst poems you wrote at 15…

Adding in this kind of work to your portfolio, that reflects your skills, style and personality will hopefully help you land that sweet job! Just you remember me when you are up there in your sweet new studio looking down on us peons (not pions thats a type of pine tree, with edible seeds, native to Mexico)…

Mmmm time for another cup of crank….


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