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Pen Tool [p] and Fignütts : no#2 : Illustrator Revolve Tool To Evolve You

Posted on: November 24, 2009

Tutorial 2 Illustrator - Revolve Tool



17 Responses to "Pen Tool [p] and Fignütts : no#2 : Illustrator Revolve Tool To Evolve You"

Excellent tutorials Demo.. Informative, and funny as hell/

Thanks Scott,

I am amazed someone would leave this two freaks a message!
Let me know if there are any areas you like to see covered (other than Pen Tool [p]’s face)

Much thanks and keep up the good work…

Wow, i had no idea Illustrator could do this. I normally have to go to 3D programs like 3dsmax and perform a lathe there. Thanks for the tip🙂

Me like – I’d used a bit of revolve before, but rather like the ‘ready made’ goodness from text characters. Top stuff, and the toons rock!

such a crazy program in that it hides all its neatness and just gives off this goofy clumsy persona… hey thats me!!!

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I like this cartoonish manner of writing! It’s a pleasure to read your tutorial, thank you!

Awesome tutorial!!! 5*

Wow thanks Tarik a very nice start to the New Year with this kinda feedback😀

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