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Fully Sick Illustrator Tutorial Cartoon

Posted on: October 19, 2009

Oh dear rather crass and fully anti-design styled cartoon tutorial about custom patterns etc for Illustrator featured on

Click on image to enjoy?


”]Pentool [p] and Fignütts have terrible tutorial adventures... [R18]

2 Responses to "Fully Sick Illustrator Tutorial Cartoon"


I used to draw in flash (, but i recently got illustrator. thanks for the tutorial, it was fun 😛


Thanks Jonas,

I used to draw in flash too… i found it nice n fast for cartooning… tho i always wished the distort tools were more powerful… Illustrator takes a lot of playing around… it also hides a lot of the cool features it has so you really do have to learn up and search the internet for tips etc… it be a crazy beast…

I have some more tuts for that series so hopefully they want more 😀 (go twist their arm/face!)

I started it off with a simple tutorial so as not to exclude anyone and have used the terrible design and style as a kinda graphic designer irony thing…

Back to whatever it was you were doing…


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