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Changing resolution in photoshop the easy way

Posted on: September 23, 2009

So you have a lot of photos or images that need to be a different resolution?

Maybe you have photos from a camera and you need to set them for print? The photos will probably be at 72 dpi (great for screen viewing) but maybe you need them for print and you need to change them to say 300 DPI and make them a specific size… here is an easy way to do this, without having to go into the image size menu:

Click on the crop tool or shortcut “c” if you are afraid of using your mouse (Technorodentia-hysteria or Musowarephobia for you purists)

At the top of the screen below the FILE menu etc should be a a few fields you can enter data into … so if you need to res up them photos and need them at a specific size… enter the number of cm or pixels or whatever arcane imperial measurement you use… enter the resolution you want and then click drag the photo (you can choose the whole photo or just grab the bit you want (get rid of that boyfirend etc).

You can leave out any of the measurements or dpi and photoshop will work its math out for you… you could use this just to scale down large images (keeping at 72dpi) for say uploading to Facebook etc…

Just a little trick that helps you use less brain cells in the morning… if you want to be a little more techy set up an specific Action with a short cut key and then you can impress your friends by looking like CSI or if your lucky NCIS…


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