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Tip No#3 – Productivity Tip For Indesign – Libraries

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Got Indesign?

Got frequent work with clients with a lot of fiddly adverts that chop and change a lot meaning you have to open multiple versions (I’m sure we used that star burst in last weeks ad?) and cut and paste etc?

Well here is a little tip that if used creatively could help you out and make you look like some kinda Graphic Design Ninja…

Now focus on this… I can feel your mind wandering… (It’s been like more than four lines and this freak hasn’t even got to the point… GET TO FREAKIN’ THE POINT MAN….)
In Indesign you can make libraries of objects text, whole ads etc even random groups of crap… using a well hidden libraries file…

This will open a panel (just like a library in flash etc) which lets you grab groups of content and throw it into it like a digital cork board…

You can name this content, give it a description, even search for it etc…

Then when it’s needed you can just drag and drop it onto the page..woo!

You can make multiple libraries and open multiple libraries at once, these can be saved like a normal file and saved to any place.

The libraries can be viewed as thumbnails or as descriptive lists… Libraries will probably remove the necessity of having huge layered files with alternatives and different graphics etc. They may even bring a new dawn to humanity and remove the need for places like Starbucks…

Possible uses: 

  • Ads with content that change weekly etc eg. Car adverts that chop and change cars and deal graphics
  • Keeping an Illustration library  – if you are odd and use indesign for illustration etc keep a library of facials or backdrops etc…
  • Alternative ideas for ads
  • If you have a need for a huge library of graphics…

There are a thousand time saving reasons to use this neat little feature… it may take you a while for it to sink into your beer soaked mind but you will get there and pump your hammy fist in the air and praise the mighty Library feature…

That is all… back to whatever it was you were doing with that paper clip…






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