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Tip No#2 – Performance Boost – Photoshop

Posted on: June 23, 2009

10,006 layers in your 300DPI  photoshop file?
Computer smoking from its vents?

Here is a little tip that can help Photoshop move past snail speed…

If you have not already got a second hard drive… do so! hard drives are now officially cheaper than water… get three even!  

So the idea is to set up one drive as just for your OS and the second for your personal files… (even this is a great help for your poor computer)

Now go into Photoshop > Preferences and change the “scratch disk” to your new disk (You can select multiple drives here put the biggest / fastest one at top)

With my own system i have noticed a great improvement moving my files and changing the scratch disk preference to my new disk (it now has hundreds of gigs to play with :D)

If you are building a rig why not use a more expensive faster / smaller hard drive for the OS and then a few large ones for your files etc)


1 Response to "Tip No#2 – Performance Boost – Photoshop"

wow, didn’t know that

althought this was a short one, thank You for new knowledge

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