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10,006 layers in your 300DPI  photoshop file?
Computer smoking from its vents?

Here is a little tip that can help Photoshop move past snail speed…

If you have not already got a second hard drive… do so! hard drives are now officially cheaper than water… get three even!  

So the idea is to set up one drive as just for your OS and the second for your personal files… (even this is a great help for your poor computer)

Now go into Photoshop > Preferences and change the “scratch disk” to your new disk (You can select multiple drives here put the biggest / fastest one at top)

With my own system i have noticed a great improvement moving my files and changing the scratch disk preference to my new disk (it now has hundreds of gigs to play with :D)

If you are building a rig why not use a more expensive faster / smaller hard drive for the OS and then a few large ones for your files etc)

Hey there,

First tip of many…

Productivity Tip for Indesign / Graphic design

This tip is to help you speed up the monkey work so you can get on to the fun stuff :D

Do you frequently have work that involves a lot of typing out of long names / places / mechanical terms etc…
Maybe for a book / car advert / medical brochure etc?…

Here is a tip that may help you speed up your workflow substantially…

Write a list of these annoyingly long, tricky or repetitive words… 

Now open Indesign’s Preferences > Autocorrect…

Enter in your tricky words and then enter a shortcut for this. This could be the start of the word, or a special code anything that isn’t a typical typed word (you don’t want the autocorrect feature to change your everyday words all the time)

“Productivity Lesson”

Something quick to type out is a good idea :P 

Now make a huge list of time saving shortcuts.
maybe your full name and address, phone numbers, clients business names etc…
If you, say create a computer component catalogue for a client you could set up all the computer terms that are annoying to type or you are prone to spelling incorrectly…

Also make sure no file is open when you do this as or else Indesign just makes this a preference for the file that is open not as a default for all new files etc…

Now when you type in the shortcuts the full word will replace it automatically…

There you have it… just a little tip to start you off :D



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